Activate Total Wireless Hotspot: Check out Total Mobile hotspot Plans

Total Wireless is one of the popular virtual network operators with interesting mobile data plans. Better known for its affordable, no-contract mobile data plans, total wireless brings you great benefits of mobile hotspot data. What makes users look at the wireless network is its contract-free nationwide 4G LTE coverage. This Tracfone subsidiary network puts your mind at ease by cutting down the mobile data bill with a total wireless hotspot hack. Ranging from iPhone to android phone, total wireless mobile hotspot plans gets the job done without a burn in your pocket.

Users get to choose amongst the total wireless hotspot plans starting from monthly. Though there was a little hustle with these plans at the beginning as the service provider didn’t allow mobile hotspots. But later, this total wireless hotspot service alone gave a big push by allowing users to connect other devices to the internet through mobile. What’s more interesting is the users can pick the right plan which offers multiple lines for convenience.

total wireless hotspot

Total Wireless Hotspot:

The mobile hotspot has become a need of the hour when you away from your home or even when you have active web users in your family. Enjoy the full benefits of total wireless wifi hotspot with the range of plans they have for each category of users.

The service provider offers a range of 4G LTE phones at affordable pricing which can also provide total mobile hotspot service. The best part is it also provides its service on your device (if it is compatible) without actually buying their device.

How to Activate Total Wireless Hotspot:

Total Wireless Hotspot activation process is very simple and you can get it done in various ways. You can purchase total hotspot plans from wal-mart, total wireless official sites, or total wireless stores. Follow the below steps and get internet for your other device from the total wireless wifi hotspot.

  • Choose your preferred phone from the wireless official site. We advise you to activate mobile hotspot on the latest device for better performance
  • Pick the most convenient plan considering your usage and the number of persons who’ll be using the hotspot
  • Now simply activate total mobile hotspot by purchasing the service.

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How to use Total Mobile Hotspot:

Another impressive thing is the service provider offers the plans without any contracts. Here we detail how to use total mobile hotspot on your device.

  • Firstly, you need to activate total mobile hotspot through the phone or SIM verification.
  • Now, turn on the mobile hotspot from your mobile settings.
  • An icon appears on your mobile notification panel indicating hotspot availability.
  • Now, type the password to establish the hotspot connection

Total Wireless Hotspot Plans:

Total hotspot plans allow multiple lines hotspot service with its decent prices. Perhaps, this will save on monthly payments and provide you easy internet solution for your needs.

35 $ Per Month Single Line Plan:

This cheapest plan at just 35$ per month is the most affordable plan proving unlimited text services and unlimited calls. However, there is a cap on number of minutes to consume and the plan provides 6 GB monthly hotspot data allowing single line.

50 $ Per Month Mega Plan Single Line:

This value for money pack allows you to download, upload, surf, and stream with no data limitation within 4G LTE speed for 50$ per month on a single line. The plan allows single line hotspot sharing up to 10GB.

60 $ Per Month 2 Lines Plan:

Open up your possibilities with this 60 $ total wireless hotspot plan. It provides 10 GB mobile hotspot data per line up to two users along with 30 GB extra shared data. Users can get unlimited text messages, call minutes, and monthly data at a speed of up to 4G LTE.

85$ Per Month 3 Lines Plan:

Best suitable for multiple users, this total mobile plan allows tethering hotspot up to three devices. all three users can enjoy unlimited calls, text messages without any restrictions. Each user can enjoy 10GB mobile hotspot at 4G LTE speed.

100 $ Per Month 4 lines Plan:

The top of the line Total wireless hotspot plan offers unlimited data, texts, and call minutes for four devices. And every user in this plan can enjoy hotspot benefits up to 10GB.

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Total Mobile Hotspot Plans Discounts:

The wireless service offers discounts and rewards for its users on total mobile hotspot plan purchases. Users get points on every purchase which can be redeemed while refilling. For every 100 points, you get a discount of $1 or you can get 5% discount off the price of your plan by enabling auto-refill.

Family plans customers who opt to have multiple lines on one account get other benefits under total mobile hotspot plans discount. The service provider is offering you 25GB of data per line at just $24 per person.

In this era of the internet-driven world, people are not looking for free public WI-FI for the internet. Total Wireless mobile hotspot service is amazing with some pocket-friendly plans. Furthermore, it is easy to activate the service and start using it. Find your right pick and enjoy uninterrupted hotspot streaming.

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