How to apply for Free Government iPhone 2024

The government’s Lifeline Assistance program is an amazing scheme to provide free cell phones for qualified people. No wonder people will look forward to get the free government iPhone under this program. In a move to cut down the every month struggle for mobile payment, free government phone program was introduced. Essentially this lifeline phone program provides free smartphones and wireless services for low-income families.

Introduced by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the scheme benefits low-income family groups. The organization has also launched Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) to serve the sole purpose of providing smartphones under this program. Considering the present-day need for a smartphone in daily life, FCC is providing free government phones.

Since they only provide low-cost LTE cell phones or entry-level smart phones, there are chances to avail government iPhone free. If you are lucky enough, you may get government iPhone for free in this scheme. However, we also provide information about other wireless service schemes which provide free iPhones in 2024. Also, citizens need to notice, that the free iPhone government phone will be an older version device.

Free Government iPhone 2024

Since Apple iPhone comes with very fancy features, it boasts an expensive price tag too. Even the entry range model of the latest iPhone will cost you over $1000. So FCC pays no interest in providing the latest iPhone for free.

free government iphone
free iPhone government phone

The probability of getting a free iPhone government phone depends upon the carriers participating in the EBB program. As the sole motto of this program is to provide free prepaid smartphones, chances are there that you may get an iPhone.

Though the Lifeline program provides a free iPhone in some cases, you may get a basic iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. On the other hand, employees who work for the federal government can buy iPhones for a subsidized price. Also, the scheme allows the employees to buy other third-party devices for discounted prices.

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Eligibility Criteria to Get Free iPhone Government Phone:

Low income group citizens can avail this lifeline program. Below is the eligibility to avail lifeline program benefits.

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old to apply individually.
  • Citizens below 18 years can also apply if he/she is resident of one of the states and they are emancipated minor.
  • Your household income should be below 135% as per Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • The individual or any other household members should participate in other federal assistance programs like Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income.

How to get a free iPhone from Government?

Follow the simple steps below to get a free government iPhone

  • Firstly, Verify your eligibility through the National Verifier
  • Once after knowing you are eligible, find a program in your state that offers services and free government apple iPhones
  • Contact the program which offers the benefits and apply for their program and get the free iPhone government phone.

How to Apply for Free Government iPhone with Lifeline Program?

As we mentioned above, there is no separate procedure to get government subsidized iPhone. You may get randomly iPhone or any other smartphone if you meet the eligibility criteria. Follow the below simple steps to avail free government iPhone with the Lifeline program.

  • Firstly citizens need to be eligible for lifeline assistance program.
  • Check out Lifeline provider that offers free government iPhones in your state.
  • Contact them and apply for free mobile phone under Lifeline

Lifeline Program free iPhone Eligibility Criteria

The documents required to prove your Lifeline eligibility for this government benefit program:

  • An official document for identity (name, address, date of birth).
  • Annual Income document.
  • An official document declaring you can participate in the program.

Other programs which offers no-contract free government iPhones:

There are other government initiatives that offer subsidized or free phone services to eligible low-income individuals. These programs mainly work to improve broadband access in underserved and rural areas across the country. On the other hand, It aims to keep household connected with the digital world regardless of their financial situation. can stay connected with workplaces, schools, and healthcare providers.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is another FCC benefit program to help household by providing the needed broadband connectivity. This former federal communication commission (FCC) program provide phone plans along with home broadband plans. Eligible users can apply for free government smartphone if they are lucky enough, they may get free government iPhone 13 or even latest versions too.

Note: New enrollments for ACP are discontinued on February 7, 2024. Yet, existing ACP customers can avail the benefits through May 2024.

Yet, the Telecom providers are offering other options for the customers which are as good as the benefit program. Besides that, you can also transfer existing ACP plan to other discounted plan from the same service provider.

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National Lifeline Association:

The National Lifeline Association is a non-profit organization to support Lifeline beneficiaries. NaLA works with service providers, government and regulatory bodies, distributors, and other advocates of Lifeline program.

The organization works with a motto to serve phone services for low-income households. Apart from working to serve free iPhone from the government, the organization also offers a free smartphones.

The association have independent sales agents to serve the needy with better schemes for free iPhone. These agents are well versed and certified in the rules and regulations of both Federal and State Lifeline programs. They’ll assist you with everything needed once you are proved eligible to get Federal government free iPhone.

Connect America Fund:

Connect America Fund (CAF) works mainly to bring the benefits of high-speed internet to every corner of the country. The program focuses to provide broadband services to areas where the private sector might find it economically unfeasible. CAF operates through a system of financial support to eligible telecommunication carriers.

The program employs a combination of grants, subsidies, and incentives to encourage the expansion of network coverage. So, the initiative mainly works to improve internet access to rural areas, it makes phone service more affordable.

Other companies offering free iPhone Government phones:

The common query among the Lifeline phone users is can I get free iPhone from government? In short, the answer is yes if you are lucky enough. The service providers usually offer an entry level android touch screen phone. But, there are few providers who offer free iPhone.

Here are the lifeline assistance providers who provide free government iPhones and other smartphones under the lifeline program. You can opt to choose from the below and get free government phones if you are eligible. Check out if you can avail apple iPhone for free from government.

Cintex Wireless

The popular Lifeline provider serves in five US states. Eligible individuals can get free government smartphone along with free wireless free data, calling minutes, texts. Yet, there is no guarantee that you can expect to get a free iPhone. They either provide you an iPhone or any other entry-level smartphone depending on availability.

Wireless for hope (Easy wireless)

Wireless for Hope, is working with the Lifeline program to offer free cell phone carrier for low-income communities. You can apply for it if you meet FCC guidelines and if you are unemployed, disabled, or of low income. Stay connected to the internet with the free government smartphones. Also, there are chances to get free iPhone from government as per the availability.

True Wireless:

This Oklahoma-based provider is currently operating in 5 states, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Texas. The procedure is the same and you can get older version government iPhones for free. You may get free iPhone 6 or 6S under this free government phone lifeline assistance program. The carrier offers some interesting “free wireless plans and a free phone”.

SFone Wireless

This EBB provider is popular for helping household in covid-19 pandemic. Starting with Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, and West Virginia areas, the network is looking for wide expansion shortly. Interestingly the service provider has partnered with Cintex wireless to serve better. Furthermore, the network provider also participates in other free government phone programs.

NewPhone Wireless:

NewPhone Wireless is a reliable Lifeline provider which offers free wireless services monthly. Customers can get a free government iPhone as a part of the Covid-19 initiative. You can get free iPhone from NewPhone Wireless until the program lasts. On the other hand, they care to extend service for the people who lost their job substantially in covid crisis.

Below is the list of phones they provide and the condition

iPhone 8 Refurbished
iPhone 8 PlusRefurbished
iPhone 7Refurbished
iPhone 7 PlusRefurbished
iPhone 6SRefurbished
iPhone 6S PlusRefurbished
iPhone SERefurbished
iPhone 6Refurbished

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Other Companies that offer Free iPhone with Unlimited Plans:

There are other cellular service providers like Sprint and Verizon that offer free iPhones on selected data plans. They also offer trade-in deals and other free iPhone plans which provide free handset for its subscribers.

Alternative Ways to Get Free iPhone:

Besides the lifeline there are other government assistance iPhone program, there are few other ways to get free iPhone from the government. These alternatives don’t require any low income eligibility, so everyone can try their luck.

Giveaways: There are giveaways offers and schemes to get free iPhone giveaway. Please keep a check on available iPhone giveaway offers and sign up. Also, there are some deals which offer giveaways on regular basis.

Take Surveys: This can be another choice to get free iPhone if you are lucky enough. You can avail this by taking surveys and giving them feedback. However, you need to read the company or the retailer’s instructions carefully before taking the survey. Also, the chance of getting phone depends on the process they follow and other various factors.

Beta Testing Program: If you prove to be a skilful person and a tech savvy, there are chances to get iPhone for free. Most of the cases, the service providers will be provided with latest iPhones for free for beta testing. They look for people to test the new phones and give feedback accordingly. However, you’ll get the privilege to keep the phone once the testing is done.

Trade in Programme: Cell phone carrier providers sometimes provide a trade in offer. Users can trade in their existing old mobile phone and avail refurbished iPhone for free. But don’t expect that you may get a free iPhone 13 or 14. The service provider will only give you the older version refurbished iPhones based on availability.


What is the best free government phone program?

There is no such best program for free government iPhones. Lifeline providers this service for eligible low income households.

Can I get free iPhone 13 from government?

Most of the cases, the beneficiaries are provided with the available version of older phones. There is no rule that they need to provide latest iPhone. But most of the cases users get refurbished phones.

Is there any way to get latest iPhones from government?

Like said above, the allocation of smartphone is completely depending on the availability. The EBB or lifeline programs aren’t designed with an intention to provide latest iPhones. However if luck favours, you may get latest refurbished iPhone too.

Can users get free smartphone if not iPhone?

The Lifeline program motto is to give smartphones to low-income families. If not iPhones, there are other company mobiles like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Kyocera, Motorola, and ZTE.


There is no way that you can get latest iPhone for free from government. However, you can avail other basic smartphones if you are eligible. Yet, there are chances that you may get iPhone among them if you are fortunate enough. Nevertheless, you’ll get a free government phone if you are needy. If you still want to opt for an iPhone, there are many other ways to get the best iPhone deals.

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