Best tools to Check SSD health: Track your SSD performance

Cloud storage has bought a closer alternative for limited space in traditional hard disks. Now Solid State Devices (SSDs) takes charge for all the high-end laptops. At times, it is performing better than Hard disk drives when compared amongst other constraints. Besides that, these SSDs claimed as less power consuming unit and boots quickly within seconds. Furthermore, the memory device assures a relatively higher speed to read and write data. Despite being performance boosters, these flash-based devices are lagging behind hard disks in terms of lifespan and reliability. However, no one can assure the hard disk lifespan and functionality as well. Despite its performance boost, it’s one mandatory need to keep a track on SSD health to protect important data. There comes tools to check SSD health and ensures your drive reliability.

Experts refer SSD loads all your apps faster and starts any program in less than 5 seconds. Yet, it is always recommended to check SSD health in regular time intervals for longevity. Here we provide the list of tools to check SSD health at your convenience.

Best tools to Check SSD health:

Intel Solid State Drive Tool Box:

Intel Solid State Drive Tool Box touts very simple interface and can be updated regularly. The trim function helps Intel SSD users to boost the device performance. The SSD health check tool provides provision for users to initiate the collection of garbage. Also, this can be done automatically in regular time schedules. This comes as icing on the cake for the new version as the earlier ones didn’t have it.

You’ll get to customize setting on a larger scale with the Intel Solid-State Drive. The toolbox allows you to alter the settings by changing values for various parameters. Besides that, a user can customize settings as per their needs like longevity, power-consumption or performance. In addition, SSD remaining life also hints the Health of SMART functions.


This is another big in the industry to check SSD status on your computer. The tool measures the SSD health by considering various parameters and calculates basic read and write speed as well. The speeds calculated are denominated by the unit ‘Megabytes per second’ and will also inform you about disk functioning.

CrystalDiskMark is a free tool to check speed regarding read and write speed of much other hardware as well. And so, the monitoring software offers you great flexibility to perform check with various available drives. The CDM also accommodates the size range between 50 MB and 4 GB to choose the number of passes. Yet, you can run the test number of time but you can obtain accurate results if you run the test for three consecutive times.

Samsung Magician:

The tech giant Samsung itself provides you this monitoring gizmo with a very simple interface to track your SSD health. The Samsung Magician software touts graphical indicators to show SSD health status. In addition to it, it also provides Total Bytes Written (TBW) at a glance. The latest version of the SSD health diagnostics & monitoring software tests and compare performance and speed.

Three different profiles like Maximum Performance, Maximum Capacity, and Maximum Reliability optimize your Samsung SSD. While these profiles provide a detail description of each OS setting offered. Samsung Magician SSD tool optimizes SSD and ensures your system always runs fast and up to the benchmark. Features like Compatibility Check and Secure erase assures conflict free SSD and avoids and sensitive data loss.

SSD Life:

This new SSD health check software employs an algorithm to calculate the lifetime of your drive. Primarily the tool analyses how often and active you use your SSD before it calculates you disk life. There are few perks SSD life offers for users as it creates a backup of all data. It also notifies you about the serious threats found on the SSD and provides you brief info about it. Moreover, you can find all the operational stuff about the drives and other support options as well. The best part is that SSD life is compatible with almost every model and give the best results. Yet, the tool will be freely available only for 30 days. Later, users need to pay for the smart functions to get maximum control over the software.


Developed by Toshiba, this SSD utility manages OCZ SSDs and comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for better engagement. What adds more interest is the software assists with a firmware besides being an SSD health check tool. SSD utility dashboard provides a real-time overview about the key elements like system status, capacity, interface, health, etc.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Toshiba Utility displays all essential features like how much life left in SSD. The SSD tuner helps you tune long-term life and modes to ensure the best disk performance. Toshiba SSD utility health diagnostics & monitoring software allows your SSD to choose modes to obtain better performance.


Above all, the fact is that SSDs life is more unreliable when compared to a regular hard disk. However, the new form of technology is still in the budding stage and is being offered on top-end devices as of now. Yet, these are the best piece of technology to work with if you check SSD health on a time-interval basis. The above mention tools help you to keep a track SSD health and monitor accordingly. Most of the available software’s mainly meant for Windows users to check SSD performance. It will be more interesting to see how these SSD’s come down the lane and work in mid-end laptops.

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