Gmail high-priority notification filter and Unsubscribe suggestions for iOS users

Mobile email notification is an annoying feature when it pop-ups for every notification it gets. Perhaps, many users find is less useful each time when get notified about the things which aren’t so important. Now, iOS users have got a great way out to escape this by turning on the Gmail high-priority notification filter. This new update from Google will cut down the notification efforts for the emails which users aren’t keen about. Practically, this Gmail inbox feature helps us to get rid of unwanted annoying notifications.

This Gmail high-priority notification filter works along with an Unsubscribe suggestion. Essentially, this new Gmail inbox feature gets two filters for a bit cleaner inbox. The high-priority notification filter for inbox prioritizes the email notifications which you wish to see. On the other hand, the unsubscribe feature limit the emails alerts and cut downs its appearance in future.

How to activate Gmail high-priority notification filter:

  • Apple iPhone users can activate this Gmail Inbox filter.
  • Open your Gmail iPhone app
  • Tap on settings
  • Select “High Priority only” from the notification drop-down menu.

Thus, you can opt to get only relevant email notifications appear on your screen. Gmail team is working on the update for Android devices as well. Users can avail this feature soon once if it is all set for roll out. Users need to upgrade their inbox app version to get this Gmail high-priority notification filter.

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Gmail Inbox Unsubscribe Suggestions:

Another Gmail inbox gesture for iOS users is the Unsubscribe Suggestion. You might find this one interesting to get rid of flooding emails which just a tap. This Gmail unsubscribe suggestion stops unwanted mail alerts which you don’t wish to get notified. The feature works just by enabling with a small setting.

  • Go to settings on Gmail app.
  • Choose Inbox tips settings.
  • Tick the unsubscribe tips.
  • it’s enabled by default, turn it on if in case it is disabled

Gmail employed machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to assist the feature. Once the Gmail high-priority notification filter is enabled, the app identifies the emails which user wants to read.

This new initiative from the popular email service stops dumping all mail notifications. However, the AI redirects the emails to Social and Promotions categories for some time. This Gmail Inbox high-priority notification filter and unsubscribe suggestion has been announced at Google IO 2018.

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