Best iOS emulator for Android: Run iPhone Apps on Android devices

Android devices will be the first choice for many of the smartphone users. The reasons are many, starting from the pricing to the range of customization it offers. But, at some point, many of the Android users miss some of the features which an iPhone touts. There comes a solution for all such needs in a form of iOS emulator for android. Essentially, these iOS emulators allow users to run iPhone Apps on Android devices.

Well known fact is that any Android device doesn’t come with an iOS platform. Yet, these iOS emulators for android do the job of transforming your Android device into an Apple device. Better known as Apple emulators or iPhone emulators, these iOS emulators bring the iPhone experience to regular Android users. Perhaps, the higher costs of Apple iPhone might be one of the reasons which many users cannot afford. Yet, this alternative offers the privilege to run iOS Apps on Android devices. On the other hand, this iPhone emulators also cut downs the cross-platform restrictions.

How to run iOS emulator for android:

  • Download iOS emulator.
  • Launch the app from the source.
  • Install the emulator on your android phone.
  • Click on the icon and open.

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Run iPhone Apps on Android devices:

If we compare Android to iOS ratio, undisputedly android devices mark high number. The reasons are many but the fact is that Android devices are more user-friendly. Yet, if it is a discussion about silk smooth experience or performing multitasking, iOS excels. Now, this iOS emulator for android comes into the field when you are looking to run iPhone Apps on Android devices.

The actual fact that Android is no less stable than iOS devices in any which way. However, both the operating systems run on the ARM related hardware. Even the gesture and other smart features which the device offers are neck-to-neck. Though it is pointless to compare both the platforms, these iOS emulators for android serve the purpose well. Yet, it is recommended to back up your Android phone before starting this process.

It isn’t really a tough task to run iOS apps on Android with the available iOS emulators for Android. Turn your Android phone into an iPhone with these iPhone emulators and get iOS experience.

Best iOS emulators for android:


Designed and developed by a Computer Science student from Columbia University, Cider iPhone emulator is a stunning emulator. This app provides access to iPhone Apps on your android device absolutely for free. The clean and simple UI impresses the users with ease. Also, Cider allows to add iOS Apps on Android device without any limit. The only downside is it does not support all Android devices.

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Discussing iEMU, it is a simple and Effective iOS Emulator for Android. Essentially, iEMU is very popular among App Developers for testing purposes. This emulator doesn’t require huge space to install it on your android device. It is also opted to be the best iOS emulator for Android as developers work hard to fix any issues while running iOS applications. iEMU undoubtedly provides an iPhone like experience with just an installation away.

All in One iOS Emulator:

Developed back in 2012, All in One iOS Emulator does the job like CIDER and iEMU apk. One noticeable thing here is it offers only iOS 6 Experience while the platform has been updated way long after that. But, this iOS Emulator for Android offers you Siri feature which stands unique amongst others.

Appetize iOS Emulator:

This web-based emulator lets you run iPhone apps on Android phone on your browser. Based on the HTML5 and Javascript, Appetize iOS Emulator for Android performs tasks with ease but only online. Besides this, Appetize works well for iOS developers for all their testing purposes.

Well, that’s the best possible way we know to run iPhone apps on android phone. Yet, it is always recommended to back up your Android phone before you are good to go.

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