How to increase WhatsApp status time limit: Post long videos as WhatsApp status

It’s been a while since WhatsApp has launched it stories like status feature for its users. The gesture has attracted users widely and helped Whatsapp continue to claim as the best messenger app. The status will automatically disappear after 24 hours from the time it was uploaded. Viewers can check the status content in detail by placing a finger on the screen for pausing time duration. Yet, the only downside of the feature which users complain is to increase WhatsApp status time. In actual fact, the WhatsApp status feature displays the text, picture or video status for the duration of 30 seconds. But, many users wish to extend WhatsApp status duration to post long videos as status. Essentially, users require increase video time in WhatsApp status to share their complete story. Hence arises the need to check for the alternative to increase WhatsApp status time limit.

How to increase WhatsApp status time limit:

Well, there are few hacks to post long videos as WhatsApp status. However, official app version doesn’t allow you to post long video as WhatsApp status at once. You either need to install third party app “WA tweaks” or cut down the entire video into multiple 30-second clips. Here we detail you both the available ways to set long videos as WhatsApp status. Choose your easy available way to extend WhatsApp status duration.

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Remove WhatsApp status time limit with WA tweaks:

WA tweaks app helps increase WhatsApp status time duration only if you have a rooted device. If you don’t wish to root your device, you have another way around. But, if you want to get work done through WA tweaks, get the app from Google Play store.

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Steps to increase WhatsApp status time duration:

  • Launch WA Tweaks App.
  • Tap on Menu then choose Whatsapp Tweaks.
  • Check ‘Bypass 45″ Video Limit for Status’ option.
  • Enable it and click on save.

Thus you can remove WhatsApp status time limit and post long videos as status. However, WA tweaks app also allows you to extend document/media size limit. The only drawback is that users who have WA tweaks can only see the whole video. Never the less, other regular users can see the first 30 seconds of the video.

How to post long videos as WhatsApp status:

As said earlier, we have another way to help you out if you don’t want to root your Android device. This process is quite simple to use and you don’t need any third party app essentially. You can directly post long video as Whatsapp status but you only have to post multiple 30-second clips. There are several online video cutters and video trimming apps available for easy use. Make the best use of them and share your story on Whatsapp status timeline.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has an inbuilt split tool which sets the time frame for 30 seconds. When you try uploading a long video, you can choose a part of the video and upload it. All you need to do is upload status according to the video slots.

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