How to see whatsapp status without notifying them: Hide WhatsApp status view

WhatsApp status is one amazing feature which makes the chatting app, a platform to share stories. Usually, the feature provides the count of the views of the status by the contacts. At times, users wish to see WhatsApp status without notifying them. Basically, it’s all about anonymity to hide your WhatsApp status view. Yet, it’s quite a common scenario that people wish to view other’s WhatsApp status without seen.

If you are in such situation to see other’s WhatsApp status without marked as seen, we’ll help you. Perhaps, your ex-boyfriend, or any of your colleague whom you pretend to care least about them. But, you don’t actually need to compromise and end up leaving their WhatsApp status update unseen. Here we provide a solution to see WhatsApp status without marked as view.

How to see WhatsApp status without notifying them:

There three ways available to hide seen on other’s Whatsapp status update. If you are an Android user, you can use File Explorer to see Whatsapp status without their notice.

Found any nice picture or video on your friend’s status? You can save them directly without asking them to send it to you personally. Fact is that File explorer saves your contacts WhatsApp status updates even if they actually haven’t uploaded content you in messenger.

Here we detail you to check other’s status by making use of file manager app. However, there are other alternatives like ES file manager and other third-party apps available on play store.

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Steps to check others WhatsApp status without notifying them:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the status tab.
  • Let your contacts refresh and load up status updates, do not check any of them.
  • Now, Open File Explorer
  • Choose the options menu and tap on Show hidden files.
  • Scroll down and click on WhatsApp and then, tap on statuses.

The WhatsApp status folder is hidden by default. Users can see and even download them, the actual contact who uploaded won’t even know.

How to Hide WhatsApp Status view by using Read Receipt Option:

WhatsApp read receipt option is serving user privacy for a really long time. Now, the feature also helps users to see WhatsApp status without marked as view. Besides serving the messages, the read receipt option help status feature with the same function on Whatsapp.

You can actually hide your WhatsApp Status view if you turn off read receipt. However, you will not be able to check your status views, if you turn off your read receipt.

The simple hack here is just turn off your read receipt before you check their status. Then after, turn it back to on when you are done viewing theirs.

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Steps to hide WhatsApp Status view by using Read Receipt Option:

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings,
  • Tap on Account
  • Choose Privacy
  • Uncheck the reason receipt option.
  • Check your contact’s status
  • Turn on the reason receipt option back

Hide see WhatsApp status without marked as view using GBWhatsApp:

Essentially, the above two methods serve your purpose. But if you are an advanced user and want to have few more bundled tweaks, GBWhatsApp is the option for you. It extends few more options like using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device. Never the less, downloading GB WhatsApp will make much easier to view WhatsApp status without marked as seen.

  • Open GBWhatsApp
  • Go to setting
  • Choose privacy
  • Select Show/hide view status.

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