iMessage for Windows: Download and install iMessage app on PC

Apple’s iMessage feature is a beauty and is a pleasure to use the platform as a mode to communication amongst apple devices. Yet, the messaging platform is an exclusive apple feature and only restricted to iOS and Mac devices. Certainly, many users wish to get iMessage for windows to pick up the conversation. In some cases, there are users who own an iOS-based iPhone and a Windows PC. Probably they might miss the connection between the two devices for messaging. However, there is no official download to get iMessage on windows PC. Yet, there are few alternative methods which you can seriously consider to run the iMessage app on PC. Considering Apple’s policy to limit its features exclusively for its range of devices, this is just a substitute to avail iMessage feature. Here we detail you with 2 possible methods which help you to bring iMessage app for windows.

How to get iMessage for Windows PC:

For this method, you need a Mac OS device to obtain an iMessage app for PC. This method deals with operating Mac device on windows PC through remote access. However, this method will be only available when your Mac device is turned on and allows another device to access iMessage remotely.

  • Make sure you have installed iMessage on Mac device and you have chrome browser in it.
  • Now, install chrome remote browser on both the computers.
  • After you finish installing, launch the extentions on both the devices.
  • Set up the chrome remote browser on both the computers
  • Initiate for remote access from your windows computer
  • Now, type the unique code on the windows PC to get remote access for the Mac device.
  • Thus, you can access iMessage on Windows computer.

Install iMessage on Windows PC:

There is another way where you can download and install iMessage app on Windows PC. You need to install an iOS emulator on your windows computer to get it done. There are many iOS emulators available to get you the best experience. Also, we have listed some best iOS emulators for windows PC check them out for more info.

  • Choose the right iOS emulator
  • Download the emulator from a trusted source and install it on Windows PC
  • Now, set up the emulator and check if it was properly installed.
  • You can now be able to search for the app on the available search box.
  • Now, Download iMessage app for windows from the source below.
  • Thus, you can experience the iMessage for windows with the help of an emulator.

Despite the arrival of many other latest apps, Apple’s iMessage remains favorite for many users. The above hacks are just an attempt to bring iMessage for windows but not the official releases. However, these do provide a no lesser experience by bringing the actual iMessage to windows PC.

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