Add music from iTunes to iPhone: Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone

Apple never fails to impress its users with the utmost pleasing gestures in every possible way. Yet, every iOS points at something which needs to look for an alternative. Technically, there is no need to search for an alternative each time. All it lacks is the accessibility to a few direct gestures just like the Android does. The exclusive iTunes app is the main factor where Apple users get disappointed.

Music transfer from iTunes to iPhone is one such activity where the users experience a glitch. However, it is so simple to add music from iTunes to iPhone with just sync. On the other hand, we also detail you to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without syncing. Here we detail you to get your favorite iTunes library to your iPhone.

How to add music from iTunes to iPhone:

This is the most common iTunes sync method which is available for all users. Firstly, make sure that you have the latest version iTunes installed in your device. If it isn’t, force an update by choosing ‘Check for updates’ option in the Help menu. Before we proceed, It’s known fact that iTunes has got only one-way synchronization. This means that all songs on your iPhone will be lost if you don’t have any backup on the computer. The below steps will help you to add music from iTunes to iPhone.

  • Click on the Music menu tab appearing on the left pane in the iTunes window
  • Make sure that you enable the ‘Sync Music’ option
  • Click the radio button next to enable the transfer of all your music
  • Essentially, this prefers to select playlists, artists, albums, genres.
  • Now scroll down and click on the stuff to add music from iTunes to iPhone
  • Finally, Click on the ‘Apply’ button to start automatically syncing music to your iPhone.

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Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone manually:

The above method provides to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone via sync mode. Yet, there is always space for your choice which you can choose to manually transfer music. Unlike the sync mode, you can add music from iTunes to iPhone manually by selecting the songs and playlists you want to copy to your iPhone. Here we detail you about how to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone manually.

  • Firstly, locate the library section on the iTunes left window pane.
  • Now, click the ‘songs’ option. Also, you can select Albums, Artists or Genres and then click through to find songs and videos that match.
  • Now, you are allowed to drag and drop songs from the main iTunes window to your iPhone easily via its icon.
  • You can manually transfer the songs even if the list is big, Just hold down the [CTRL] key and select the songs you wish to transfer. Just like a regular function, this enables you to transfer selected songs on a single go.
  • iTunes playlists feature can be considered as an alternative to dragging songs manually.
  • This is an easy set-up if you previously created iTunes playlists and will sync directly to the iPhone.
  • Just drag and drop these playlists in the same way to the left panel just like the manual way.

Before you proceed for any process, make sure you have the latest iTunes version. It is always recommended to have a backup of your iPhone before you transfer music from iTunes to iPhone manually.

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