Best Google Gravity tricks: Check out Cool Google Tricks on webpage

Google browser has become the most reliable platform to get info about anything that comes across our brain. The search engine has never failed to impress us with its results and its features. Besides all these, Google interface always looks clean and good leaving an impression to come back. Yet, the web-based browser makes space for more improvement always to amuse users. Google gravity tricks from the team offer great stuff to decompress your stress in the mid of your work. Take a moment to check out these cool Google gravity tricks which grabbed millions of user’s attention.

The list of these Google fun tricks is endless and new web interfaces keep on adding regularly. Sometimes the search engine gets a new web interface marking the importance of the day. All these feel-good factors add as another reason for user loyalty leaving a reason to come back every time. Now, this Google gravity list brings a range of interesting tricks to impress your friends and family. Essentially, this Google gravity is a javascript based web interface created by smart programmers. Enjoy these funny pranks like best Google gravity tricks with your loved ones. You can get these cool Google tricks through the search engine or the Google play store.

How to get Google Gravity Tricks:

It is as simple as you search for something on a search engine. Here is the process to get Google gravity on smartphones and PC.

  • Firstly, open any web browser on your device.
  • Type in the URL panel and reach out to Google home page
  • Now type ‘google gravity’ in the search panel
  • Now click on the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button instead of the ‘search’ button
  • You can see gravity Google trick activated on your browser.

Best Google gravity tricks:

Google Zero Gravity:

Google Zero gravity is a trick that makes all the texts and images fall down on the webpage. Be it texts, images, or anything on the home webpage, everything falls down as if gravity disappeared. You can still type whatever you want in the search bar. You will find it very exciting as the content on the page fall down and bounce slightly.

Google Zero Gravity

Google Gravity Space:

This trick is something relatable to the earlier Google zero gravity. The elements on the page float on the screen like objects float on space. Better known as anti-gravity Google, Gravity Space trick brings you the feel of astronauts floating in outer space without any gravitational pull. Just type in the trick and enjoy the space like feel on your browser.

Google Gravity Space

Google Gravity underwater:

This cool Google trick takes you underwater with sharks and fishes too. A wonderful background in the Google Gravity underwater gives you the feel like you are in the deep sea. The content on the page floats like the objects on water leaving you an animated underwater experience. Click and watch the slightest disturbance it creates to the sharks and the waves on the top.

Google Gravity underwater

Google Sphere:

Find out the option you want to see and try clicking on it with this effect on. Google sphere gravity trick brings a sphere pattern on the webpage and the links swirl around. Hover the cursor to and notice the increase in the speed of the sphere rotating around. Move the mouse in the direction you want to see the sphere moving.

Google Gravity Sphere

Google Gravity Guitar:

Play guitar on the search engine page and rock the homepage in your style signature music with Google Gravity Guitar. Enjoy the string each time when you type something in the search bar. Also, you can record the sounds from your guitar play and enjoy your own beat. You’ll get to play several popular tunes like Happy Birthday, Forest Gump, Twinkle Twinkle, and Harry Potter.

Google Gravity Guitar

Google Do a barrel roll:

Spin the webpage like a barrel with this fun Google trick. Open and enter the search term ‘Do a Barrel roll’ in the search bar. Watch the speedy 360-degree spin of the webpage within a moment. Though the Google gravity trick isn’t extremely appealing with any anime effects, it’ll give you a unique satisfaction.

Google Do a barrel roll

Google Gravity Rainbow:

Bring the rainbow on your browser window with this cool Google rainbow webpage. The colorful rainbow appears over the Google logo in an anime form. Though you may find it slightly boring, it brings you every color on the rainbow in a very raw form. Check it out once, it may help your kid to identify the colors in a rainbow.

Google Gravity Rainbow

Google Gravity Zerg Rush:

Watch search results disappear one by one with zeros falling down from the search bar. Zerg Rush is on the best Google gravity trick with a unique concept. Open and search Zerg Rush in the search bar and enjoy the zeros wiping off all the search results. Check out this cool Google gravity trick with your friends and have fun watching the zeros happening.

Google Gravity Zerg Rush

Weenie Google/ Epic Google Gravity effects:

Look at the content on the search engine homepage turning into a very small size. Type in the keyword and watch the letter’s font turning small into weenie size. Though it’s a simple animation, it’ll remind you of the old first-generation Google homepage. Similarly, the Epic Google gravity trick gives you the opposite result, turning the web page into a very big size.

Weenie Google Epic Google Gravity effects

Google Gravity Mirror:

This is another interesting Google gravity trick that provides you great mirror-like interface. This means you feel like you are viewing the screen in the mirror. Be it images, content, or any other element, everything appears in reverse. Google gravity mirror trick impresses users with the challenge it throws to find the elements. Also, it creates an interest to read the content in reverse order like never before.

Google Gravity Mirror

These are just some of the list of Google Gravity tricks on offer for amusement. There are a lot more tricks available to prank your friends or confuse them with a riddle like things. All these Google gravity features works just as tricks to add some fun on the webpage. However, the webpage doesn’t work in a way and exhibit search results.

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