Solved ways: How to boost TV antenna signal homemade

Facing hiccups while watching your favorite TV show using an antenna? Signals fluctuation is the major problem most of the people complain about the TV antenna. Despite having an HDTV antenna, multiple reasons can affect signal drop for the antenna. You may be staying far from the coverage area, or the bad weather outside can also be the culprit. For the glitches you face, a TV antenna booster is all need to end all the issues you face. There are many ways explaining How to boost TV antenna signal. Homemade simple techniques are available which can provide you impressive results. Here we provide you guide to make homemade TV antenna booster with the minimalistic stuff.

How to boost TV antenna signal homemade:

Finding a position and getting a proper signal for the digital TV antenna isn’t an easy task. The signal reception may provide you some channels and some need to change position again. Each time you change, the channels you had will disappear. This can be a common problem and can be fixed with a homemade TV antenna signal booster. However, installing an antenna as high outside up as possible may fix the solution partly. Here we provide a few more tips to boost TV antenna signal.

How to boost TV antenna signal homemade

Homemade TV antenna booster:

There are many ways to get a homemade TV antenna booster with the stuff available at home. The metal hanger trick works well in most of the cases. You can get the results of having an external antenna booster with just a metal hanger and coaxial cable.

  • Firstly, attach that wire to the metal hanger using a tape.
  • Now, attach the other end of the wire to an indoor antenna.
  • Take the hanger to a higher place where it receives signal
  • Fix it in the same position making it stable

You can notice the boost in signal with the homemade TV antenna. Make sure you use coaxial cable (speaker wire). If you still experience any betterment, check out the below tricks.

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Extend cable to place the antenna at window:

Probably this will be the most heard trick you came across till now, but it does wonders. Of course, extending the cable may result in a little drop in the signal. Yet, it works effectively to reach a window to grab a better signal from the transmitting tower. If you have a long cable, consider moving your antenna outside your home. Perhaps this could be the best fix instead of searching for ways about how to boost TV antenna signal homemade. However, it isn’t advisable to use a long cable if it isn’t needed as it won’t result you as a TV signal booster.

Antenna placement:

Undoubtedly, placement plays a major role in setting up an antenna, and the best place to fix an antenna is the roof. In general, it’s a thumb rule that the more height, the more good the reception will be. Though it isn’t about height all the time, directions also play an important role as a TV signal booster.

Rather than getting into details of tower direction and ways to boost TV antenna signal, we would opt to explain simply. Antenna direction may change with time, so it is highly recommended to buy an antenna rotator. There are many apps for the compass to understand the direction of your area. Also, find out the ideal direction of the antenna it has to be. There is a better alternative called multi-direction antennas which can receive signals from any directions. Though they won’t boost TV antenna signal, these multi-direction antennas perform well compared to the regular ones.

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External TV tuner to boost antenna signal:

Every TV device has an inbuilt TV tuner, while some perform the best, some may lack behind. New generation TV sets are equipped with good TV tuners. The problem may occur mostly with the earlier generation TVs with low-quality tuners. There comes the external TV tuner box to rescue with the name Digital TV Converter Box. Also, few devices are offering built-in streaming and tuner features.

Keep wireless devices away:

It’s quite usual that all the wireless devices will be placed at one place. Not blaming your personal choice, but we’ll end up with no option left for the inline wiring. But, sometimes it can be the reason for your TV antenna signal drop. The reason is simple the radio signals traffic will get interrupted and results adversely. Instead of deploying some devices or any homemade TV antenna booster, try to keep the wireless devices away. Consider checking this trick if you have already noticed any interference between radio signals when there are wireless devices around the antenna.

We hope we provided you the best guide about how to boost TV antenna signal homemade. Also, there are many other ways to boost TV antenna signal. The only technique that works for all cases is to try and test it by yourself as the issue varies from place to place.

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