Number of Total Amazon prime Subscribers unveiled: marks over 100million users

Ever since the launch of Amazon Prime, the E-commerce service successfully lured users with lucrative offers. Yet, the company has never unveiled number of total Amazon Prime subscribers. Now, after 13 years of its launch, the online streaming service has disclosed the figures of Amazon prime subscriber base. The founder and CEO Jeff Bezos stated the Amazon paid Prime users has exceeded 100 million across the globe.

Total Amazon Prime Subscribers:

Recently, Jeff Bezos has listed few interesting facts and stats in this annual shareholder letter. The founder wrote Amazon has shipped more than 5 billion items under Prime globally. Surpassing the 100 million-plus figure, Amazon prime is also gaining more new members each year.

Despite the earlier speculations on the internet, Amazon has never spilled about the total number of Amazon Prime subscribers. Now, the recent figures confirm that Amazon claims to be one of the world’s largest Internet subscriptions. However, Netflix bags the first place with 125 million subscribers when video streaming is considered. Never the less, Amazon prime subscriber base is definitely a blockbuster when compared with online retailers.

On the other hand, Amazon prime total subscribers count eventually leads to a small fortune. Taking the subscription cost into account, the annual subscription cost of a $99 for 100 million makes a whopping amount. Yet, there are few exceptions as students are provided discounts for the subscription. Besides the video streaming, Amazon users also get benefits like free two-day shipping, exclusive lightning deals and more.

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Furthermore, the total number of Amazon Prime Subscribers users who shop repeatedly is high. However, the factors like online browsing and free two-day shipping are the reasons behind member’s comeback. In addition, other exclusive benefits like Prime videos, songs and e-books are the privileges which Prime members get. Figures reveal that Amazon prime users spend around $500 on average each year over the non-members. Thus, this huge Amazon prime subscriber base helps the e-commerce to lure customers with attractive deals.

Amazon prime Stats and Facts:

  • Over 5 billion items were shipped via Amazon Prime in the year 2017
  • Over 63 percent of Amazon customers have turned into Prime customers
  • There are more than 40 million products on Amazon eligible for Prime users
  • About 100 million items are listed for free 2-day delivery in Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime now feature (available in selected zip codes) is available in 30 cities
  • The leading online retail service owns 32 planes for Amazon Air delivery services
  • The premium retail service hold over 90 million users in the US alone
  • Majority of the Prime users choose the annual subscription plan, only 26 percent of the total Amazon prime users are choosing monthly plans.
  • Amazon provides Prime Student offers which roughly brings subscription cost to $49 a year
  • People found Amazon prime as a safe platform by voting Prime as their favourite loyalty program

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