How to Stop OK sound from Alexa: Activate Alexa Brief Mode

Amazon is paving its way to make its Alexa more human with its latest update. Users are tired of Alexa musical sound with a verbal confirmation each time when asked to do something. Now, the latest Alexa update cuts down the chatty experience and the “OK”. This latest Alexa Brief mode will take follow-up questions without any wake word on subsequent questions.

Users can activate Alexa Brief Mode in the Alexa app on their smartphones. This Brief mode in Alexa will respond to few commands with a short chime noise over the earlier “OK”. Also, the smart assistant will now speak less frequently in general.

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How to activate Alexa Brief Mode on:

Users can switch Alexa Brief mode in their Alexa devices by following steps

  • Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Click on the menu icon
  • Tap on Settings
  • Choose  Alexa Voice Responses
  • Enable Brief Mode by using the toggle switch

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How to Turn Alexa Brief Mode off:

Users can deactivate Alexa Brief Mode just by turning off the toggle switch for brief mode. The same settings are applicable to switch Alexa Brief Mode on/off in the Alexa Web portal. However, users who feel ok with the verbal confirmation each time can continue without the Brief mode.

Recently, the E-commerce giant has also updated the Follow-up mode in the smart speaker. This Alexa follow-up answers questions without saying the trigger word each time. But, the feature isn’t made available on every Alexa-compatible devices. However, the newly introduced Brief Mode is provided in all compatible devices.

Essentially, this new feature cuts down the “OK” everywhere and replaces it with classy beep sound. Yet, interested user’s can still continue to hear Alexa voice every time you pass a voice command to Echo. Never the less, this less talkative feature is much needed one for many of the users.

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