Vivo to unveil In-Display Fingerprint Sensor technology in its upcoming flagship

The latest display technologies like edge-to-edge display, narrowing bezels are providing no place for a fingerprint sensor. As a result, Manufactures are tended to double it with home button or shift it to the rear panel. Nevertheless, the fingerprint sensor hasn’t lost its prominence and is one among the key specs. Now, Vivo has announced an in-display fingerprint sensor making way for an all-new unlocking experience.

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo is working on this fingerprint sensor embedded underneath the display. The company has stated that they are working up on the new technology for the last couple of years. Earlier, the company has unveiled a prototype in China. Now, they are all set to release its new in-display fingerprint sensor in its upcoming flagship. Also, Vivo has announced that the new In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology is ready to go for production on a mass scale.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology:

Qualcomm extended its support for the new version of Fingerprint Sensor in the display which uses an ultrasonic sensor. This optic-based technology was developed by Synaptics which reads the fingerprint on the phone’s OLED display panel.

As the user touches the screen, the display lightens up and reflects then in-display fingerprint sensor authenticates it. Users can register their fingerprint in the same way like they do on any other normal smartphone. As there isn’t any dedicated fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint has to be read through the display. In Result, the process may take little longer time when compared to other smartphones.

Phone unlocking works fine once the fingerprint is registered and the user can just unlock it by placing the finger on the icon. If you press the power button when the phone screen is locked, the lock screen displays Fingerprint Sensor icon to unlock it. But if the phone is in “lift to wake” mode, the OLED display will display a little animation to touch on it along with an always-on clock.