Android P Preview features: Developer preview touts what new Android version brings

The next gen Android OS is all set to roll out for user experience soon. Google has touted the latest Android P developer’s preview which unveils what it has stored in. While the moniker P is known, the new Android P name still remains suspense. The Operating System has tipped out the Developer Preview 1 detailing the new Android P Preview features. However, this Android P beta program will only available for eligible top end devices.

Android P Preview features:

Display and Design update:

Android P gets a slew of design changes like real-time battery percentage. Google is now providing vertical scrolling in the Quick Settings panel and an extra row before scrolling starts. While the new Quick Settings will not allow the users to expand options, which affects in switching Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks from the Quick Settings menu itself. On the other hand, Android P Developer Preview brings volume buttons for changing media volume. The same keys were assigned for the ringer volume by default in the earlier versions. ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in the newer Android version will now provide an On/Off toggle. Thus users will be discontinued to choose among choices like Silent, Alarms Only, and Priority. However, Users can still set the time restrictions.

The new updates result in colourful and redesigned settings, features and notification shades in Android P. Summing up all, the new OS is identical to the previous Oreo, while the new colours enhances its looks.

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Google is bringing a range of to the Android Runtime (ART) with the latest Android P. The largest Operating system now has expanded ART’s use for executing profiles. This move helps developers to reduce wastage of app code and optimize apps. Android Runtime feature in the latest version will now use profile information to rewrite DEX files. As a result, it claims 11 percent reduction across apps.

Notifications and Google Reply:

The major update in the new Android P Preview is the smart replies features for the users. Android P Developer Preview 1 touts improvement in notification panel particularly for the messaging apps. The smart replies feature is borrowed from Google Allo app comes straight to the notification bar. On the other hand, Android P brings Photos and stickers directly to the notification bar. Also, the buttons in the new notification bar appearance resembles iOS.

Improved security:

This release prevents inactive apps from accessing mic and camera which stands highlight among Android P Preview features. Besides that, new android version is encrypts data and will ask you for the passcode to backup from cloud storage. The apps will not have access to use sensors to spy on users, the microphone stop recording any ambient sounds if an app is idle. Uses will get too many popups when a fingerprint authentication is needed.

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Camera and Battery Enhancements:

Android P features a new Multi-Camera API which comprises a set of programming instructions and standards. This gesture in Android P helps developers to access both cameras simultaneously. The fused camera stream in the Multi-Camera API will automatically allow developers to switch between two or more cameras in the devices with dual camera setup.

Unveiling the battery mode features, Android P will not display that red bar anymore when the phone is in Low-Battery mode. Yet, the low-battery mode features like disabling the vibration mode and low background synchronization will remain unchanged. The refine changes in the Android P will limit the App Standby and Background tasks and save battery life.

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