Best iOS emulators for PC: Run iPhone apps in Windows PC

Emulators are the best-found solution which enables to run multiple Operating System on one hardware. Unlike earlier days, these emulators have come down the lane even for non-developers for their personal usage. Few apps exclusively available for Apple users have made a way to iOS emulators. Essentially, these iOS emulators help you to run iOS apps on PC or laptop. Interestingly, even some iPhone users also opt for iOS emulators to transfer files easily. Fact is that these iOS emulators for PC cuts down the hassle and run iPhone apps on windows PC.

Fundamentally, this iOS emulator for PC employs the concept of visualization technology. Furthermore, it provides the same interface which an Apple device touts. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons of using these iPhone emulators. Yet, it serves the purpose of deploying all Apple exclusive functions to a windows PC. Here we list top-rated iOS emulators for PC for you. The below list is just to brief you about the available options, check the right one and download iOS emulator for PC. Also, the below are claimed to be the best in terms of user review and downloads.

Best iOS emulators for PC:


Smartface is an extensive choice if you are looking to develop a cross-platform app. The best part is that the emulator has a free version available along with the paid version. Users can choose between the free version and the paid version. However, the paid version brings you some more feature which helps developers. The pricing for the smart face emulator paid version starts at $99. is one of the top iOS emulators for PC which works online. It comes with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browser compatibility with a simple interface. Users can avail a free trial for the first 7days and it is quite easy to use. Even the navigation is simple and you can directly install it without the need of any software.

The downside of it is it takes longer time while uploading iOS app .zip file or Android.Apk file. However, it is one of the few iOS emulators for windows which provide cloud-based functionality.


Simply, it is the best iPad emulator for PC if you are looking to get all iOS apps and games on Windows PC. Developed by using adobe air, this Apple emulator should be downloaded first to run any iPad apps. Though it doesn’t excel in every which way, the free version helps to run iOS apps on windows PC. On the other hand, the paid version offers more inbuilt features on the purchase. The interesting part is, the interface is much similar to Apple iPad.

Best iOS emulator for Android


Mobione was one of the best iOS emulator for PC for its user-interface and user-friendly design. The saddest thing is the service was discontinued in the past few years. However, Mobione still serves the best to run beta apps and developer testing purposes.

AirPhone Emulator:

It is a decent choice if you are looking to run iOS apps and games on PC. You need to install Adobe Air on your PC for an error free experience. Though the UI is close enough to iPhone, you can’t expect experience closer to the Apple device. Yet, it is a considerable choice if you are new to iOS platform.

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator:

If you are a gamer and looking for an iOS emulator on your PC just for gaming. Undoubtedly, Nintendo 3Ds Emulator should be your pick. This can be claimed as the best iOS emulator for PC if you wish to play iOS Games on Windows PC. Also, it supports 3-D based games which stand unique among the segment. Nintendo’s brand reputation for developing gaming consoles popularized the emulator widely all over the countries. Another impressive feature is that you don’t need any plugins even to run high-end games.


Considered as one of the choices by developers for testing purpose, Ripple is a best iPad emulator for PC. Moreover, it is not a software-based tool, you can run it from a Google Chrome extension. Besides that, it is very easy to create new applications and is absolutely free. If you wish to have an iOS emulator for PC without root, ripple serves you with Google Chrome extension.


iMame is another serious player among iOS emulators for PC if you wish to get iPad games on PC. Specially designed for gamers, iMame allows you to play iOS games on Windows PC. Though you can’t claim it as the best in the segment, it is a decent option for many. Particularly, for the people who wish experience iPhone games on PC. Then again, the emulator helps you to emulate and run iOS 10/iOS 9 apps for you.

Electric mobile studio:

If you are a developer and don’t mind in investing in emulators, Electric mobile studio is for you. This is an amazing option for developers to create an iOS app on Windows PC. On the other hand, it provides multiple Programming languages support. Yet, you need to have 6 gigs of RAM minimum to run this iOS emulator. Also, the Electric mobile studio is one of the best iOS emulators for windows devices to run all apps available in the App store. As mentioned above, the tool is paid version and you need to spend $39.99 per month. Never the less, you can get a 7-days trial package of this All-in-one iOS emulator for free.

Xamarin TestFlight:

Now owned by the Apple itself, Xamarin TestFlight is another best Emulator to run iOS apps on Windows PC. The perk of being the apple owned product is the developers will update. Xamarin TestFlight is the best option to test your developed app before you publish on App store. This emulator is not available for free you need to pay $25 per month.

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