PayTM download for PC: Install Paytm app on desktop or Laptop

Paytm has grown as the leading online payments platform in India. Also, it has become a tough competitor even for the e-commerce websites. You need to download and install Paytm in a smartphone or log in to its website to make use of it. But, many users wish to get Paytm on PC/laptop as per their convenience. Yet, there is no official download for PC or any desktop version of the app. However, we detail you a method to help you with Paytm download for PC.

Ever since the Paytm app got fame, many users complain about the developers neglecting paytm app on PC/laptop. Though, we brought you a tutorial to get the most out of the mobile wallet even in windows computer. On the other hand, paytm has proved itself as a most trusted mobile wallet on online payments. Thus, it made the requirement for the desktop version which brings Paytm download for PC.

Paytm download for PC

How to get Paytm Download for PC:

As we said above, the mobile bank hasn’t launched the desktop version of the app. So, users who wish to get Paytm on windows PC or laptop need to get an Android emulator first. Here we demonstrate you with the BlueStacks android emulator. Though, there are many other android emulators out there to get Paytm app on PC.

Fact is that you can get paytm on windows computer only through Android emulator. So, we recommend you to download BlueStacks emulator as it gives you a very clean user Interface. There is also a BlueStack offline installer to help you at poor internet speeds. But, there are very few trusted sources which offer you offline installer.

Download Paytm app for PC (Windows 10/8/7):

Firstly, we’ll provide you info on what are the requirements to download Paytm for PC. Well, it isn’t a rocket science or you don’t need any huge equipment for it. All you need is

  • A PC or laptop
  • Bluestacks 3 android emulator downloaded in it
  • An uninterrupted internet connection

Steps to Download Paytm for PC:

  • Open bluestacks android emulator
  • Type in “PayTM” in the search bar
  • Choose the Paytm app from the results displayed for the search
  • Click on Install to accept all the permission needed
  • Your Paytm download will begin on your PC.
  • Once the app is installed on PC, you need to do a basic setup.
  • Open PayTm app on pc.
  • Provide your mobile number, OTP and set up the app on your computer.
  • Done, Paytm app is now ready in your windows computer.

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How to use Paytm for PC:

Just like the regular app version, users can get all benefits even in Paytm for PC. Be it online bill payments, ticket bookings, shopping or online recharges, it perform any task. It also allows you to send and receive money and link your bank account to your account. Essentially, it provides all the mobile wallet operations just like the smartphone app do. Then again, it functions the same and even the interface is quite clean and easy to understand.

Considering the digital mobile wallet requirement even on the desktop, we detailed you this hack to get Paytm download for PC. Though this isn’t official paytm software, you can rely on this process to install Paytm for PC. Essentially, this helps feature phone users to get all the benefits of digital mobile wallet. Hope this Paytm PC setup will help you to get all the benefits like cashbacks and app-exclusive offers.

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