Know what is ant radio service: Disable ANT radio Service on Android

ANT radio service

Many internal system applications make the Smartphone a hub to connect many devices. Just like Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi hardware, there are many other applications to make it future-ready. ANT radio service is one such internal application, which helps the smartphone to communicate with other devices. This ANT radio system application on a smartphone brings … Read more

How to Empty Trash on Android Phone: Deleted Recycle bin on Android

how to empty trash on android

Memory and cache issues are quite common on little older android devices. Obvious thing is that we find solutions to empty trash on android from recycle bin. Before we proceed further, it is a little wondering to know about the trash folder on android phone. Few may wonder to know about trash bin on android phone as it doesn’t appear publicly. … Read more

Fix Message Blocking is Active Issue on Android and iPhone

message blocking is active

Text messaging is still a popular form of communication and still, there is a decent set of audience depending upon the service. Despite many other texting apps are rolling out the recent years, the service stands further with its raw text feature. However, this completely carrier-based service offers all default texting applications to pass on … Read more