Airdrop for PC: Best Alternatives to share or transfer iOS files to windows

airdrop for PC

Apple’s Airdrop stands as the user’s favorite file-transfer system to share files between any two Apple devices. But, users always go through a hassle to share iOS files to windows PC. Be it iPhone, iPad or Mac, Airdrop provides seamless and easy file transfer by using WiFi or Bluetooth. But the main problem persists when … Read more

Best iOS emulators for PC: Run iPhone apps in Windows PC

iOS emulators for PC

Emulators are the best-found solution which enables to run multiple Operating System on one hardware. Unlike earlier days, these emulators have come down the lane even for non-developers for their personal usage. Few apps exclusively available for Apple users have made a way to iOS emulators. Essentially, these iOS emulators help you to run iOS … Read more

Get Android messages on PC: Install Android messages web Interface on PC

Android messages for web

Undoubtedly, Android OS predominantly holds the majority of the share in the smartphone market. But, there are some gestures which it fails to provide its users like iOS does. However, the mobile platform continues to hold its position tight above Apple devices by making its features even better. The iMessage feature is the biggest debate … Read more

How to Stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android devices or PC

stream Kodi to Chromecast

As the digitalization evolves, Smart TV technology has been widely adopted by users. Besides the TV viewing experience, it also gives access to streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. The Google Chromecast works brilliantly for streaming Google media apps like YouTube. Though it can stream Google media apps easily without any interruption, it doesn’t … Read more