How to Reset Xfinity Remote: Fix Xfinity remote not working

Comcast Cable Communications provide market consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless service in the name of Xfinity by the company. These Xfinity remotes became very popular for the different models it offers for various TV sets. Yet, there are many cases reporting Xfinity remote not working and needs to be clear up. At times, it is advised to reset xfinity remote to get back into work. So here we provide you detailed info about how to reset Xfinity remote.

Sometimes it gets really weird when you try to change the channel and you notice Xfinity remote not working. Mainly, the remotes annoy you with unresponsive buttons or pairing problems with the devices. Though the problem wouldn’t be a complicated one, Xfinity remote factory reset might fix it successfully. Here we detail the process about how to reset Xfinity remote when it isn’t working.

How to reset Xfinity remote

Xfinity remote not working troubleshoot:

The reasons are very simple if you find an Xfinity remote not working. You need to perform basic checkups like if it is having physical damage before proceeding further. We list the possible checks to perform before you proceed to reset Xfinity remote.

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Check 1: Check connections with TV boxes

Connectivity issues may persist when your Xfinity remote is connected to too many TV boxes. Make sure you connect only one box at a time with one remote. Try connecting the remote to the device after disconnecting it from other devices. It should be working fine now, if it still doesn’t work, proceed further to reset Xfinity remote.

Check 2: Check if it is Device or App problem

It’s a common issue that remotes fail to recognize the device, Xfinity remote reset option will fix it. There are such issues reported and also keep a check on the app if you are logged in to Xfinity My Account App.

How to Reset Xfinity Remote:

Before you start the process, note that all the pairing and programming done will be erased upon Xfinity remote reset. After the reset is done, you need to re-pair or re-program the remote again.

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Factory Reset Xfinity Remote with Setup Button:

  • Press and hold the ‘Set up’ button
  • The color of the remote LED will change from red to green
  • Now, Press 9-8-1
  • You’ll notice the LED blinking twice indicating that the remote was reset

Factory Reset Xfinity Remote without Setup Button:

The process is almost the same like you reset the ones with the setup button. 

  • Press and hold button A and button D at once
  • The color of the remote LED will change from red to green
  • Now, Press 9-8-1
  • You’ll notice the LED blinking twice indicating that the remote was reset

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How to Pair Xfinity remote with Xfinity TV box:

Soon after the reset, you need to re-pair Xfinity remote to your TV box. Here are the steps detailing how to pair Xfinity remote with Xfinity TV box. Simply aim the remote to the device and give the command ‘program remote’ by pressing the microphone button. Further instructions will appear on screen and proceed and pair Xfinity remote.

Else you can also follow the below steps

  • Press the A button on your remote
  • Choose Remote Setup on your TV
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

You can also reset Xfinity remote or TV box through Xfinity My account app. However, this is a very basic issue and you can fix it with the above possible methods.

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